Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Interesting Carrier Trick

Got this in email this morning (from Anthem):

"We recently changed several UW guidelines which will allow your clients to qualify for more aggressive pricing.  Example:  We are no longer rating for smoking, smokers will now receive a P1 rating (assuming they have  no other ratable conditions). [emphasis in original]

This applies to Ohio, but may also be available in other states.

Anthem, along with various other carriers, is also reaching out to current plan-holders with early renewal offers (such as we've seen in the small group market).

The email also reiterated something they've previously announced:

"List Bills are No Longer available for NEW Business.  If you have clients currently on a List bill they will be removed when they MIGRATE to an ACA Plan.  GF ["Grandfathered"] members will be able to remain on list bill."

List Bill is (well, was) a mechanism where one could "bundle" several individual plans into a common monthly invoice that would go to one address. Typically, this would have been for small employers who didn't offer a "group" plan but were willing to do the admin necessary for folks to have their premiums withdrawn from their paychecks. It was more a convenience item than anything else. But with new ObamaTax rules this service is going away.

Just another example of how the ObamaTax has negatively impacted our choices.

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